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Welcome to Neva ZMK!

We specialize in designing, manufacturing and erecting of all types of steel structures throughout Russia. We offer innovative steel solutions for such industries as oil&gas, food industry, electrical energy, food equipment, chemical industry, construction and mining.

Our goal: to achieve highest quality in bringing your ideas to life.

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Our presentations:

Our products include:

Steel structures
We produce steel structures for different applications including: factories, airports, bridges, commercial and residential buildings, sports stadiums, shopping centers and logistics complexes.

Corrugated metal pipe and constructions
We provide environmentally friendly and longlife (capable of 75+ years) solutions for drainage and irrigation systems, sewers, bridges, culverts and canals.

Transmission towers
We design and manufacture electrical transmission towers and tower supports. Steel grades and quality of assembly allow using our production in any climate region.

Cell towers
We offer our solutions for fast spreading wireless and cellular networks in Russia: towers and antennas for GSM and wi-fi equipment.

Storage tanks and vessels
We produce bolted and welded tanks for water distribution and storage systems, tanks and pressure vessels for gas, oil, and chemical industry, stainless steel tanks for food industry.

Pipe supports
We produce all types of moving and static supports and rigid hangers for gas and oil pipes with various diameters.

Bridge scaffolding
We manufacture universal steel scaffolds for using in building and repairing automobile and railway bridges. We offer mobile scaffolding elements (only 2 meters high) that can be build up to scaffolds systems of any size.

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